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Kinesiology 1088A/B
Bob La Rose

September 7, 2012 Kinesiology Lecture #1 Sport and Exercise Psychology:  The scientific study of people and their behaviours in sport and exercise contexts and the practical application of that knowledge  Identifies principles and guidelines that professionals can use to help adults and children participate and benefit from sport and exercise activities Objectives of Sport and Exercise Psychology 1. Understand how psychological factors can affect an individuals physical performance in sport and exercise 2. Understand how participation in sport and exercise affects an individuals psychological developments, health and wellbeing Comprehensive Objective (Carron, 1980) To obtain and understanding of behaviours and performance of individuals or groups in sport and performance Performance – goal directed behavior for the purpose of short term execution of a discrete task Orientations to Sport and Exercise Psychology 1. Behavioural (Social Psychological) – behavior of athletes determined by environment (ex. Baseball player hitting in the sun) 2. Psychophsiological – study impact of physiological response to activity or behavior – believe that the best way to study behavior during a sport and exercise is to examine physiological processes of the brain and their influences on physical activity 3. Cognitive Behavioural – behavioural determined by ones interpretation of enviro
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