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Kinesiology 1088A/B
Bob Larose

November 7 th Incentive Motivation Definition: the value you attached to the possible outcomes (goals) available to participants in sports and physical activity = REASONS WHY WE PARTICIPATE - Anticipate satisfaction and enjoyment from participation - Expectancies confirmed (or not) through actual experience which influences continued participation Researched topic in two ways a) identify main incentives that influence choice, persistence, and effort of participation b) Identify the reasons why participants drop out of an activity General findings 1. Each individual has his/her own unique reasons for participation – each team member has his/her own incentives 2. There are usually multiple motives operating at various strengths at any one time 3. The most Dominant motives that have been identified are: a. Affiliation (make or be with friends) b. Excellence (skill development to the highest level) c. Excitement/Stress (thrill seeking) d. Success (winning) and Status (recognition) e. Fitness and energy release 4. Weaker but still present as distinct motives ae: a. Independence (able to do on own) b. Power (control over others) c. Aggression (intimidation) d. Influence of other (parents, peers, friends) 5. There are no differences observed in incentive motivation when analyzed for a. Age b. Gender c. Type of sport d. Culture NOTE: Having fun is often cited as a motive but, it is suggested that the “FUN” is really the result of other incentive motive fulfillment 6. The reasons for discontinuing in an activity are also multiple and complex – i.e. failure to achieve satisfaction of one or more of the primary incentives is weighted against those that have been attained 7. Oth
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