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Lecture 6

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Kinesiology 2230A/B
Glen Belfry

Oct. 24 Lecture 6 - The greater the number of particles in the air, the greater water vapour pressure - Condensation: transition from vapour to liquid - T drops- capacity of air to hold water vapour drops – PH2O drops - Avg energy of particles in fluid governed by T O o Greater T C greater the energy o Some particles have energy greater than avg o These can escape from attractive forces holding liquid together (evap) Last Day Respiratory regulation - Nervous messaging from active muscles, nerve outflow sent to inspiratory centre increasing breathing frequency, increase ventilation - At rest, stretch receptors monitor change in stretch and down regulate ventilation - Peripheral chemoreceptors: PO2, PCO2, pH Estimating Lactate Threshold - CO2 production occurring faster than O2 consumption - Hit LT, increase in ventilation is greater than O2 consumption o Something else driving ventilation compared to O2 consumption - VCO2/VO2 o Early in exercise, CO2 production and O2 consumption equal Ventilation During Exercise - Anaerobic threshold I when Ve/VO2 increases with increases in Ve/VCO2 and VCO2/VO2 - Ventilator, anaerobic and lactate thresholds all occur at about the same point Work Rate - Looking at how much CO2/O2 is in one particular breath - WR starts, increase in ventilation, CO2 production and O2 consumption o Below ventilator threshold - Ventilation goes from linear increase to non-linear as power output increases o CO2 same pattern o No change of CO2 concentration within blood  Wha
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