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Kinesiology 2241A/B
Bob Vigars

Chapter 9- Feb 27 -March 6 th Movement pattern: series of anatomical movements that have common elements of spatial configuration Skill: general movement pattern is adapted to the constraints of a particular task Technique: particular type of the same skill or task is performed Style: individual adaptations of a technique Constraints: anything that prevents part of a movement happening Closed skill: environmental constraints imposed on the perform is an predictable environment Open skill: unpredictable environment Discrete skill: has a defined beginning and end Continuous skill: has no specific beginning and ending Repeated discrete: when discrete skills are preformed repeatedly Mechanical purpose: each of the discrete parts of the skill has its own Biomechanical factors: determine of influence its achievement Biomechanical principles: incorporating these BFS can be used as a guide to achieve the mechanical purpose Critical features: specific actions that can be observed by the coach and that help the performer achieve the mechanical purpose Analysis process: identify opo, divide skill into discrete parts, identify MP of each part, identify BF, identify the BP, identify the CF Angular speed: tells us how fast the body is changing its angular positions angular velocity: direction is specified for the rotating body has this radius of rotation: linear distance and speed of some point on a rotating segments depends on the distance that point is from the axis of rotation and this is the radius o
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