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Lecture 5

Kinesiology 2263F/G Lecture 5: Jan 20_Kin 2263

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Kinesiology 2263F/G
Taylor Mc Kee

Kin 2263: Canadian Sport History Friday, January 20, 2017 First Lecture post in-class quiz • Just on material today until class starting on the 6 . • Final exam is CUMULATIVE • Essay response on the final • Response that will be the writing component in this course How is this map dated? • Indian tribe map  that’s how its dated Slide 3: • Abundance of them in the West Coast -> vast majority of which there is a huge distribution of reserve land. Slide 4 Home on the Land • Necessary competencies • Strength and endurance and ability and accuracy for survival, cold and harsh • Food was hard to find • Vast distances between food sources • Athabaskan travelled to be home not to get home • Eurocentric European values over anyone else • What notions are they running notion to • Nomadic- they didn’t have a home they moved around o European - you have a home you raise a family, you live there etc. Slide 5 • -60 in march in Nunavut • you need to be physically slide to get food Slide 6 • Leg wrestling • A form of greeting is wrestling prior to the introduction of the handshake Slide 7 Slide 8 • Sticks themselves have a wide variety of sticks • Lacrosse is still a secondary mainstream sport in society • However, it is played at very high levels in the US at the NCAA level Slide 9 • Cultural connotations from our country is different from the cultural connotations in the US Slide 10 Functions: • Competent you’re able to do it and teach it etc • Competencies needed to develop to do lacrosse • Training for warfare in many different ways • Giving thanks to a greater god • Politics its easier to settle it thru sport rather than war bc its expensive • Friedly-ish diplomacy..compared to going to war • Health and healing the game can bee seen as a type of prayer (lacrosse) • Economics history of gambling in pre-context aboriginal society-> these games were gambled on, on teams that were being played. Slide 11 • Generally speaking, lacrosse led to actual
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