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Lecture 4

Kinesiology 2263F/G Lecture 4: Jan 13_Kin 2263

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Kinesiology 2263F/G
Taylor Mc Kee

Kin 2263: Canadian Sport History Friday, January 13, 2017 Lecture 4 Test on Wednesday The first text is based mostly on the in-class portion from this week and Friday Study the lecture slides Read chapter 2 for the small textbook Its only 19 pages! Quote: Only a part of what w record in history is what survives • Limits to what we can do as historians Slide 3 Total history French guy History is not simply about the past, a historian does not just reconstruct it.its still an act of creation and not revelation Interpretation of sources The man was bit by a dog…. What information is relevant to you? What the man did to get bit by the dog The kind of the bite Does the dog have any diseases? Is the dog a puppy, is it the owner It shows how important it is to be clear and precise in our language. What is bias? Pre-disposed to a certain opinion, looking for a certain view Objectivity Something based in fact The desire to present things in a clear and precise way Subjectivity Something that ca only be interpreted by He is the only example in history where Hitler is bad Morrow and Womsley  trying not to view people in the past as morons Superimposed from today into the past Anachronism- to expect people in the past to think and belie in the way that we do. Conformation bias – looking for information that confirms your pre-existing beliefs when searching for new beliefs • The tendencies to favour your pre-existing belief when gathering new information The video How could ancient man build massive structures Alien technology???? The inter-disciplinary There’s a big rock over this door but there would be trouble for us today. Im not saying this is aliens but it is aliens. The guy is in the existence of proving the existence of aliens Acoustic levitation Their framing that this is the only way that OBJECTS COULD BE LIFTED Looking to describe the description of aliens Ergo they need to have done it thru ALIENS Only conclusion you can draw from the set of evidence The big stones were transported by the way of levitation He had a magic rod and he pointed at the stones He’s trying to fit a very limited amount of evidence to his theory Slide 7 Why Study History? • Extremely important to study the past
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