Lecture 2

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Kinesiology 2263F/G
Janice Forsyth

Lecture 2 Jan 7 What sport history is: - History of the struggle between people in different times and places - Struggles in the past have practical implications today o Over organization and purpose o Who can/cannot play o How activities should be integrated into people’s lives - ‘doing’ history, as historiography o Problem with data reliability is the sources and interpretation o Historians create history, not ‘uncover’ or ‘reconstruct’ the past o Multiple perspectives, biases, problematic assumptions The sculpture analogy Determinism vs. interpretation Deterministic view – collect the data and the story will reveal itself Interpretation view – imagine it, recognize that the data wont speak for itself, analyze the data and  understand theories. Uses and abuses of history Example: - Our appreciation for nationalism has to be shaped. We don’t come out of the womb and know what it means to be Canadian - Historians create stories about the past that fuel our sense of nationalism - The idea of a nation doesn’t exist, it had to be created - Nations are constructs, they are changeable and change over time - Nations come and go with war as treaties are signed and as borders change - Nationalism is a relatively new concept - our sense
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