Lecture 3

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Kinesiology 2263F/G
Janice Forsyth

lecture 3 before colonization: aboriginal games and physical culture jan 10 the sources - usually accepted sources: o written records  explorers, traders, missionaries o more recently accepted sources  oral records • aboriginal oral history - not all evidence is writing - oral history is someone who has been trained to tell a story in a certain way about a group o this is different from someone just telling a story o authorized speakers o oral history cannot be accepted with face values either (ex. Holocaust victims memories are different over time) - also art can be considered to contain history o aboriginal art can tell trading partners o migration patterns problem with written records - everything from a European perspective o ex: sundance – prohibited/condemned because Europeans thought it was a form of torture (even though it was religious) - perspective influence by o belief in culture, moral, political, technology superiority o religious beliefs and objectives - implications o official prohibitions, appropriation, marginalization - most of written records were compiled from new comers of what they saw - everything was from their own point of view - influenced by their religious beliefs, culture, political - oral records need to be researched because memories can be different from others perspectives - European culture more civilized or superior? o Fuck no. They have war, slavery, torture, waste management issues with oral history - are they reliable? - How much do they change in the re-telling? - How accurately are they remembered? - stories are never the same twice - stories change in the re telling Aboriginal games Commonalities - Close relationship to the land/nature/spiritual world - Survival depends on a reciprocal relationship with nature - Everyone (men, women, children) had responsibilities - Helps us to understa
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