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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Kinesiology 2263F/G
Janice Forsyth

Lecture 6 jan 17 Before and early Canada, new france - Canada has a stereotype that is part of our identity as being violent hockey players - There are talks of removing violence from hockey Model for understanding sport history - Sport history: a struggle between people and groups New france - 1534-1763 – French dominance - Area colonized by France - Jacque Cartier discovered new France - 1763 was when France lost its holdings to spain - Back then, it was divided into 5 colonies o Hudson bay, Canada, acadia, Newfoundland, louisiana - In 1763 there was a treaty of Paris which ended the 7 years war between the French and the Indians - Britain and spain were giving much of the territory - Spain was giving land west of the Mississippi o But they didn’t want it so they gave it back to the French o But the French didn’t want it either so they sold it to the US - Champlain: known as the “father of new France” - Well seasoned traveler - Mapped out lands that he traveled too - Very wealthy man - In 1601 he put him self in service of the king of france - Work as a geographer and photography for the king till 1603 - King sent him to north America - Learned the ways of life - Interested in colonization - First trip to NA was in 1603 - When
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