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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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Kinesiology 2263F/G
Janice Forsyth

Lecture 8 Jan 24 British north American, 1763-1867 Royal proclamation 1763 - Issued by the king of France in 1762 - 8 months after the signing of the treaty in 1763 proclamation was made - It was a formal announcement about an important matter that they want to make aware of the public - It was about how they were going to make it work after they got new land - They wanted to stabilize relationships with the native people - There were major changes after new France o Life was reorganized o Politics were different o Land mass was different - Royal proclamation line divided the british colonies south of the great lakes and the st Lawrence river was divided into 2 parts o One was the 13 colonies along the atlantic coast o Indian reserve o West of that was the Appalachian mountains - The British didn’t want to go back to war with the natives so they created that space called the Indian reserve - There was a problem with the line o The natives were upset with the boundary line because they were poorly enforced (it was just a line drawn on a map) o It wasn’t policed - The people in the 13 colonies wanted to expand west of the Appalachians into the Indian reserve “manifest destiny” - They thought they had the right to extend their boundary line and take over the land (manifest destiny thinking) - The British gov worried that the farmers would move into the Indian reserve lands - The british gov didn’t want to start another war - Giving the Indians there own land was a temperate way to allow the natives to settle down - th - This line meant that the 13 colonist couldn’t purchase land in the Indian reserve - There was no such thing as settling in the native land - The proclamation gave the british gov monopoly over all future land transactions - . - The british gov issued a bunch of taxes that further upset the 13 colonies o “Boston tea party” - The royal proclamation was seen as the leading cause that lead to the American revolution - From the native POV the royal proclamation was key o Basis for contemporary land claims Province of Quebec - From 1763-1791 - Quebec act: 1774 - sets the procedures for goverence within the parliament of Quebec
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