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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Kinesiology 2263F/G
Janice Forsyth

Lecture 10 Jan 28 Gentry masculinity Based on the concept of honour Honour: - Key organizing principle for life in BNA - For the male elite, emphasis not on physical ability - More on the process of relations between wealthy men - Influenced rank, status, family name o For men having honour influenced their rank and status in society and brought distinction to their family name o Wasn’t easy for men to keep up their reputation - Gentry masculinity only existed in Britain (gentlemen’s duel) - The purpose of the duel wasn’t about the outcome, it was all about the process (all about the guy that felt insulted Gentry masculinity - Purpose of the duel was to demand satisfaction to the person who felt insulted - The significance was focused on the process and was more important than life - Series of steps that led to violence - They are at risk of being publically insulted and they have to demonstrate that they are capable of being a leader - Showed that they valued their principles more than they valued their life o This was the ultimate form of masculinity - Didn’t matter if the person is hurt or dies, it only matter that the process was honoured and rules were followed - The process was so important, when duellist were tried in court, they could be acquitted if they followed the rules of the duel - Factors that could lead to a duel; what you read or heard about what someone said about you, if they questioned the virtue of your wife - There were manuals for how to set up the duels o If you weren’t sure about the process of the duel after you got insulted, you had to consult the handbook The process - Determine if it was an insult - Demand an explanation - Get your best friend (the second) involved to clarify or set the time and date - The seconds determine if weapons are fair - Seconds enforce the rule - REMEMBER ITS NOT ABOUT THE OUTCOME; ITS ALLABOUT THE PROCESS, they die with honour The duel as paternalistic, masculine honour: - Men expected to put themselves in harms way - Considered an act of courage - Women, not permitted this option - Had to be passive= genteel femininity - Applied only to the elites – because, for most, womanhood during this era was anything but genteel and passive - Often times just showing up at the duelling grounds was acceptable to show honou
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