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Lecture 11

Lecture 11

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Kinesiology 2263F/G
Janice Forsyth

lecture 11 j an 31 transition to organized sport montreal 1800’s - cradle of organized sport industrialization industrial revolution - 1700s – 1800’s, major turning point in human history - See massive changes taken place - Massive, fundamental changes in: o Agriculture, manufacturing, mining, transportation, technology - Population is increasing - people are getting richer - transportation o the more people produce, the more trade goes on = new technology to invent new transportation o roads, waterways, steamship, railways o enable trade with more areas, faster, cheaper - increasingly mechanized way of life - impacts of daily life: o increased demand for outputs o rise of factories o employment opportunities in urban areas o mechanized time - link to present: the technological revolution o how does ‘instant communication’ shape your life? o ...your relationship expectations with others? o ...your work/student life? Transportation - One of the greatest accelerators of sport - Steamboat: very slow. Would often get stuck. Not reliable way of transportation - Railroad - The last spike – 1885 in BC o Now people can travel all across the country o Trains were becoming the best way to travel from town to town for sports o Lot of professional sport teams emerged from these major towns Transportation: impact of the railroad 1. Reduction is travel time 2. Scheduling a. Regular competitive, season schedules b. Greater organization and predictability c. Identi
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