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Lecture 14

Lecture 14

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Kinesiology 2263F/G
Janice Forsyth

Lecture 14 Feb 7 Montreal amateur athletic association - Established 1881 - Oldest and still standing association in Canada - Really important in bringing order to the groups - Governing body for sport - Late 1800’s, a growing concern with professionalism o Different definitions of amateurism o Not only in Montréal but in all of Canada - MAAA needed to control – sport is for elite – don’t agree with how people are playing - First clearly articulated definition in Canada o Amateur: is one who has never competed in any open competition or for public money, or for admission money, or with professionals for a prize, public money or admission money, nor has ever, at any period of his life taught or assisted in the pursuit of athletic exercises as a means of livelihood or is a laboror an Indian  this provides us with something clear or who can and cannot go out amateaur athletic association of Canada est. 1884 - founded in 1884 - founded by the MAAA o same guys, need another club to control Canada o first national body  1.bring order MAAA  2. Control development in Canada AAAC - Claimed the right to control all sports in Canada o Esp. Amateuriation - Each sport is giving right to refuse entry o Esp along lines of race and class - Ideal amateur is upper-middle class males (british) - Nothing about women because it was unconceivable - Don’t see issues with gender - Canadian sport is strongly rooted in discrimination Another way to frame the problem of professionalism - Rules that middle and upper class organizers concocted to control who they wanted to play (lose against) - To prevent intrusion in their games - “instrument of class and race warefare” - Why do they do this? o Didn’t want to lose to inferiors o Strength – physical advantage o Coupled with race  genetic advantages o Therefore created parameters around who could play very successful at upholding these values -sport related to meritocracy -poor haven worked hard enough -you have to earn the position you are in -have to earn the right to be on a team/coach/ref -people had to conform to these rules or they couldn’t play A linear narrative of progress? - Far from linear - We see a massive struggle from different groups of people - Maybe even step backwards Amateur wars Canadian amateur athletic union est 1898 - AAAC forms an alliance with AAU of US
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