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Lecture 5

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Kinesiology 2276F/G
J.Paige Gregson

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September 19, 2012 Lecture 5- Theory of Reasoned Action & Theory of Planned Behaviour Objectives  Define attitudes, subjective norms, perceived behavioural controls, intentions  Draw out TRA & TPB  Explain TRA & TPB  Identify methods of applying TRA & TPB  Report the findings and discussion points of Dean et al., (2007) study  Identify the usefulness and limitations of TPB Theory of Reasoned Action  Fishbein & Ajzen (1975)  Originally designed to predict  Social Cognitive Approach  Intention  Attitude o A person’s positive or negative thoughts concerning the performance of the behaviour  Subjective Norm o The degree to which a person feels social pressure to perform the behaviour Exercise and the Theory of Reasoned Action  Focus:  Techniques to improve intention: o Improve one’s attitude toward exercise o Increase perceived external pressure to exercise Theory of Planned Behaviour  Extension of TRA  Perceived behavioural control (PBC):  Attitude and subjective norm (intention) plus PBC are all influential predictors of behaviour Diagram of the Theory of Planned Behaviour Application of Theory of Planned Behaviour  Intervention techniques should be aimed at enhancing personal control (PBC)  Intervention techniques that focus on perceived social pressure  Intervention techniques that focus on attitude Testing the efficacy of the th
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