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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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Kinesiology 2276F/G
J.Paige Gregson

Lecture 10- Theories and Models of Exercise Behaviour II (Ch4) Objectives  Learn the 5 levels/ecosystems of Social Ecological Models  Apply the Social Ecological Model to “promoting physical activity”  Integrate other Theories into social ecological model Social Ecological Models  Considers the individual influence on health behaviour AS WELL AS other levels of influence on health behaviours: o Physical environment o Community o Society o Government  Each person is significantly affected by interactions among overlapping ecosystems o Ecosystem: relationship between community of living things with each other and their physical environment  At each level, different theories and models can be used to explain physical activity behaviour and create physical activity interventions Ecosystems  Individual o Cognitive, affective, physical attributes  Microsystem o Interpersonal/relationships o The immediate systems in which people interact o Friends, family, work, teams, workout classes o Support, learned norms, reinforcement  Mesosystem o Organizational o Immediate environment in which your social interactions occur in  Gym  Physical education/ activities class  Sports organizations  Home o Policies, rules, norms, expectations  Exosystem o Community  Larger social network th
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