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Lecture 13

Lecture 13

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Kinesiology 2276F/G
J.Paige Gregson

October 12, 2012 Lecture 13- Physical Activity Interventions (Ch6) Objectives  Identify 4 approaches of PA interventions  Summarize goals of informational interventions  Explain MI & it’s the 4 MI guidelines  Explain which the 3 types of informational interventions are & the effectiveness and drawbacks of each  Understand the main findings of Ackermans’ study Approaches to Physical Activity Interventions  Informational approaches  Behavioral approaches  Social approaches  Environmental & policy approaches Informational Approaches Goals  Benefits of physical activity  Arouse fear or concern about the risks of inactivity  Awareness of opportunities for physical activity  Techniques to overcome barriers to activity  Strategies to overcome negative attitudes toward activity Informational Approach Interventions  Step 1 o Motivational Interviewing  Step 2 o Mass media campaigns o Community-wide campaigns o Point of decision Motivational Interviewing  What is it? o Counselling technique o Opportunities to talk and resolve mixed feelings  What is the counsellors role? o Provide information o Facilitate internal forms of motivation Guidelines  Expressions of empathy  Development of Discrepancies  Rolling with Resistance  Supporting Self-Efficacy Mass Media Campaigns  Types of media: o Television & radio o Pamphlets & posters o PowerPoint presentations, DVDs o World Wide Web Effectiveness of & Drawbacks to Mass Media Campaigns  Effectiveness o Reach large numbers of people o Are well remembered  Drawbacks Community-Wide Campaigns  Engage community members & organizations in the development & delivery of physical activity information  Combine with Informational Interventions Effectiveness of and Drawbacks to Community-Wide Campaigns  Effectiveness o Improvements in % of people who are active & energy expenditure  Drawbacks Point of Decision Prompts
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