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Lecture 15

Lecture 15

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Kinesiology 2276F/G
J.Paige Gregson

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October 17, 2012 Lecture 15: Social & Environmental and Policy Approaches to Increasing Physical Activity (Ch6) Objectives  Understand the goals, effectiveness & drawbacks of social approaches  Understand the common goals of environmental & policy approaches  Identify the issues, effectiveness & drawbacks of policy and curriculum interventions  Identify the issues, effectiveness & drawbacks of enhancing access to facilities Social Approaches to Increasing Physical Activity  Focus on structuring people’s social environments to help support their physical activity endeavours o Recognize importance of social influences o Create new social networks and strengthen existing networks  Establishing exercise groups & buddy systems  Teaching people to ask for support  Developing telephone support systems  Using Group Support Systems Effectiveness & Drawbacks  Effectiveness o Can be grouped with other approaches o More effective in certain situations  Worksite & community exercise programs vs family based programs  Drawbacks o Success contingent on cooperation of groups Environmental & Policy Approaches to Increasing Physical Activity  Designed to provide environmental oppourtunities, support, and cues to help people become more physically active  Directed towards the physical & organization structures  Involve many different sectors  Based on the assumption that everyone has the ability of participating in physical activity as long as they are motivated Goals of Environmental Policy Approaches  Create transportation policies & change infrastructure to promote active transport  Use urban planning approaches o New neighbourhoods promote physical activity  Very limited amounts of research on the two points above, takes a lot of time (1) and there is a brand new environment (2); therefore not as important as 2 below  Modify policies and PE curricula *  Increase access to facilities & environments that foster physical activity * Modifying Policy & Curriculum for School-based Physical Education  The number of students attending daily PE classes is declining  Majority of PE class time is spent sedenta
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