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Kinesiology 2276F/G
Craig Hall

1Chapter 1 Intro to Exercise PsychologyPhysical Activity vs ExercisePhysical ActivityAll bodily movements that cause increases in physical exertion beyond that which occurs during normal activities of daily livingProduced by skeletal muscles results in energy expenditureExerciseForm of leisure physical activity that is undertaken in order to achieve a particular objective improved appearance improved CV fitness or reduced stress funVoluntarily engage inAppearance becomes less of a motive and other things become more importantCan be intrinsically motivating for some peopleParent Disciplines of Exercise PsychologyNonexistent before 1980late 80s to 90sPsychologyA field of study concerned with various mental processes people experience and use in all aspects of their livesExample perceptions cognitions emotionsApplied it to exercisePsychological principle which promotemaintain exercise and psychologicalemotional consequencesExercise ScienceThe study of all aspects of sport recreation exercisefitness and rehabilitative behaviourBeen around for a long time Exercise psychology emerged from these broader disciplines converging togetherCan be cases that involve such complex psychological constructs as adherence selfesteem selfefficacy anxiety and body imageConcerns of Exercise PsychologyThe application of psychological principles to the promotion and maintenance of leisure physical activity exerciseThe psychological and emotional consequences of leisure physical activity most of the time are positive negativeaddiction or obligatory
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