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Kinesiology 2276F/G
Craig Hall

1Chapter 5 Social Influences on ExerciseSocial InfluenceReal or imagined pressure to change ones behaviour attitudes or beliefsCan come from doctors fitness leaders family members and so onAn understanding of this pressure may lead to the development of interventions that use social influence to increase physical activity participationSocial SupportMost important type of social influence in exercise and physical activity settingsThe perceived comfort caring assistance and information that a person received from othersTwo approachesMeasure size of ones social networkMeasure amount and type of support that an exerciser receivesSize of Social NetworkMeasured by the number of groups or individuals an exerciser can turn to for support friends doctor coworkers etcDoes not take into account quality or type of support provided weakstrongTypes of SupportInstrumental supportPractical tangible assistance that will help person achieve goalsParent driving child to physical activitySpotting someone at the gymEmotional supportEncouragement praise empathy concernEnhances self esteem reduces anxiety gives person sense of comfortInformational supportDirections suggestion advice feedback regarding exercisers progressFitness trainer formal source family informal sourceCompanionship supportFriends family members exercise groupsAvailability of people with whom one can exerciseProduces positive effect may distract people from negative feelings painValidationComparison with others to gauge progress not alone in their struggleVary in amount givenasked person giving the support or receiving the supportResearch on Relationships Between Social Support and Physical ActivityNumber of social contactsPeople who have more available support sources reported greater levels of physical exertion
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