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Kinesiology 2276F/G ch 6.docx

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Kinesiology 2276F/G
Craig Hall

1Chapter 6 Physical Activity InterventionsOverview of Physical Activity InterventionsInterventions do not directly change behaviourModify 1 physical activity determinants which can increase physical activityChange in benefitsbarriers expected to have positive effects on exercise Example teach people to recognize more benefits of exercise and fewer barriersApproaches to Physical Activity InterventionsInformational approachesTo change knowledge and attitudesabout benefitsopportunities for PABehavioural approachesTo teach necessary skills for adoption and maintenance of behaviour changeSelf regulate organize plan schedule to become more PASocial approachesTo create environments that facilitate and enhance behaviour changeEnvironmentalpolicy approachesTo change structure of environments to provide better places for PAEg having more PA in school curriculumGoals of Informational ApproachesBenefits of physical activityAwareness of opportunities for physical activityTechniques to overcome barriers to activityfocus is on education providing infoStrategies to overcome negative attitudes toward activityArouse fear or concern about the risks of inactivityInterventions that use an Informational ApproachMotivational Interviewing Counselling techniques that provide people with the opportunity to talk about and resolve their mixed feelings about exercise so they can move forward with changeCounsellor helps client strengthen intrinsic motivation to changedoesnt make decision for themShown to be effective in increasing PA participation but can be costly and only reaches a small number of peopleMass Media CampaignsTypes of media televisionradio pamphletsposters PowerPoint presentations DVDs World Wide WebOften use multiple types to get message acrossbut not personal contactSimple slogansout to as many people as possibleExtensive informationeducationEffectiveness reach large numbers of people are well remembered 2 Throughout the nation or even province wideDrawbacks do not provide adequate or sufficient informationto help inactive people start an exercise programCommunity Wide CampaignsMore localized within the districtPoint of Decision Promptsin the workplaceMass Media CampaignTypes of media TVradioPamphletpostersPowerPoint presentations DVDsThe InternetSimple slogans Nikes Just Do ItExtensive information education Health Canadas Get Active Your WayEffectiveness ofDrawbacks to Mass Media CampaignsEffectivenessReach large numbers of peopleAre well rememberedDrawbacksNot effective alone for increasing physical activity or improving fitnessDo not provide adequate or sufficient infoCan be expensive May not reach target audience change channels during commercials junk mailCommunityWide CampaignsEngage community membersorganizations in the developmentdelivery of physical activity informationCan do things here that you cant do at a population levelFor exampleHealth risk appraisals screened for diseases wo cost results motivationalFitness appraisals motivate to buy membership when told how unfitPhysician counselling educated persuasively encourage to be activeHealthwellness fairs relaxed environment provide PA informationEffectiveness ofDrawbacks to Community Wide CampaignsEffectivenessImprovements inof people who are active and time spentEnergy expenditureDrawbacksRequire careful planning well trained staffresourcestakes a lot of work to do
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