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Kinesiology 2276F/G
Craig Hall

1Chapter 8 Self Concept Self Esteem and ExerciseSignificance of SelfEsteemSelfesteem tops the list of needs that make people happyThe greatest potential impact of physical activity may be seen in a participants selfesteemPromoting that physical activity can enhance selfesteem may be a strategy for improving activity levels in people who view selfesteem as a primary psychological needCan get people to start and keep them involved in an exercise program if we can convince them that engaging in PA will have a positive impact on selfconcept and selfesteemSelf Concept DefinedThe way in which we see or define ourselvesWho I amSelfEsteem DefinedThe evaluative or affective consequence of ones selfconceptThe extent to which one feels positive or negative about ones selfconceptHow I feel about who I amSomeone who is not happy being called a couch potatocan get them to adopt a physically active lifestyleOther Terms and DefinitionsForm the basis for improving selfconcept and selfesteemOther terms focus primarily on judgments of ability and potential success in specific situations activitiesskills or domainsPerceived competence Do I consider myself an exerciserathleteSelfconfidence While I feel capable of doing this activity am I as capable doing another activitySelfefficacy While I feel capable of doing this activity in this situation am I as capable of doing it in a different situationTheoretical Foundations of SelfConcept SelfEsteemSelfconcept model Shavelson HubnerStanton 1976Model of exercise and selfesteem with hierarchically organized constructs SonstroemMorgan 1989SelfConcept ModelGeneral overall self concept is an aggregate construct determined by judgments of selfconcept in a number of domainsIn parts who you are in different domainsDevelopment of selfconceptUniversity researchers university setting students as participants in their researchGeneral selfconcept consists of 2 primary categoriesAcademic selfconcept primary learning domainsNonacademic selfconcept
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