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Kinesiology 2276F/G
Craig Hall

1Chapter 9Body Image and ExerciseBody Image DefinedA multidimensional construct that reflects the followingHow we see our own bodyHow we think feel and act toward itFour Dimensions of Body ImagePerceptualHow we imagine ourselves to lookHow we see ourselves in the mirrorHow we perceive how we look not actually how we lookCognitiveHow we think about or evaluate our body in terms of its appearance and functionAffective EmotionalFeelings ie comfortable proud anxious disgusted experienced in relation to our bodys appearance and functionBehaviouralWhat we do to reflect our positive or negative perceptions thoughts and feelings about our bodyTypes of clothing we wear activities we chose to engage inHealthy Body ImageAccurate perceptions about body shape and sizeThoughts and feelings about ones body that are predominantly positiveBehaviour that reflects positive evaluationsBody Image DisturbanceInaccurate perceptions of ones body shape and size image differs from ones actual sizeshapeNegative thoughts and feeling about ones bodyActions performed to hide or change the body without regard to health implications Body Image Disturbance Women vs MenNo longer just a womens issueAccording to Psychology TodayBody image dissatisfaction has increased dramatically for both gendersBody image disturbance has become almost as common among men as among women Body Reality and Body IdealBody realityOur actual physical characteristicsheight weight body fat lean body mass bone structure fitness strength disease etc Body IdealHow we think our body should look and function Body image reflects an interplay between body reality and body idealBody realitybody idealpositive healthy body image
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