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Kinesiology 2276F/G
Craig Hall

1Chapter 10 Stress and ExerciseStress DefinedWhat we experience when we face challenges in our livesExternal physical threats or internal stressors fear of speaking in publicCan be negative or positiveDistress eg exams divorce deadlinesEustress eg marriage graduation job promotionchallenge positive stressCauses of Negative StressBiologicalSubstance abuse alcohol drugsNutritional excess caffeine sugarPsychologicalPerfectionist attitudesObsessivenesscompulsivenessNeed for controlInterpersonalLack of social skills shyness insecurity lonelinessEnvironmental strain noise temperatureGeneral Adaptation SyndromeArousal and alarm initial reaction to stressacute or shot term stressorFight or flight response for males and the tend and befriend response for femalesadoptions to deal with crisisAnxiety irritability and vulnerability until stress is resolvedIf stressor is unresolvedStage of Resistancestrain worry cynicism difficulty sleepingIf stressor is prolongedStage of Exhaustionanxiety and depressionStress ResponseIs initiated when some real or perceived threat or challenge is encounteredSecretion of two kinds of hormones from adrenal glandsCatecholaminesEpinephrine E and norepinephrine NEWhen situations present a challenge to individualActivation effort engagementCortisolWhen an individual is faced with a threat or unpleasant challengeDistress or negative affectHow much the person feels in control influences whether E or NE or cortisol is released
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