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Kinesiology 2276F/G
Craig Hall

1Chapter 11 Anxiety and StressAnxietyPathological counterpart of normal fear manifest by disturbances of mood as well as thinking behaviour and physiological activityAnxiety is more than chronic stress and increased arousalPerception and concern over the threat are disproportionate to the actual threatAnxiety is usually experienced far longer than the arousal lastsAnxiety can occur in the absence of an actual threatAnxiety DisordersPanic DisordersPhobiasGeneralized Anxiety DisorderObsessive Compulsive DisorderPost Traumatic Stress DisorderCharacteristics of main Anxiety DisorderPanic disorderIntense fear and discomfort associated with physical and mental symptomsInduces urge to escape or run away and often results in seeking emergency help hospitalFrequently accompanied by major depressive disorderTwice as common in women than menAgoraphobiaAnxiety when in situations perceived to be difficult to escape from to complete avoidance of certain situations eg crowded areasOften seen after onset of panic disorderTwice as common in women than menSocial phobia Social anxiety disorderMarked persistent anxiety in social situations eg public speakingPossibility of embarrassmentConcern others will notice symptoms trembling sweatingAnticipatory anxiety days or weeks prior to feared eventMore common in women than manObsessive compulsive disorderObsessions recurrent thoughts images perceived as inappropriate or forbidden elicit anxietyIndividual perceives loss of control thus acts on impulses or thoughtsCompulsions behaviours or thoughts reduce anxiety associated with obsessionsOvert behaviour hand washing and mental acts countingTake long periods of time to completeEqually common in women and men Generalized anxiety disorderAnxiety lasting more than 6 months multiple symptoms eg muscle tension poor concentration insomnia irritabilityNot caused by other conditions panic disorder phobiasTwice as common in women than men
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