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Kinesiology 2276F/G
Craig Hall

1Chapter 12 Depression and Exercise Mental Health Mental IllnessMental DisordersMental health state of successful performance of mental function resulting in productive activities fulfilling relationships with other people and the ability to adapt to change and to cope with adversity USHDDS 1994Mental illness refers collectively to all diagnosable mental disorders Mental disorder health conditions that are characterized by altered thinking mood or behaviorassociated with distress andor impaired functioning USHDDS 1994 o Ex Anxiety depression Mental Health ProblemsSigns and symptoms of insufficient intensity or duration to meet criteria for mental disordersSymptoms are sufficient enough to potentially warrant active efforts in health promotion prevention and treatmentContinuum of mental illness mental health problems and mental health Mental Illness Mental Health Mental health Problems Depression DefinedMood disturbances influences mood regulation beyond the usual variationsPersistent low mood and inability to find enjoyment in activitiesLack of motivation to begin or continue activitiesFeelings of worthlessness Depression Generally Characterized by the FollowingFeelings of sadnesselationFeelings of guiltworthlessnessDisturbances of appetiteDisturbances in sleep patternsLack of energyDifficulty concentratingLoss of interest in allmost activitiesProblems with memoryThoughts of suicideHallucinationsPrevalence Disability adjusted life years DALYs o Estimate of the years of healthy life lost to premature death and years lived with a severe disability ex Disease and disability burden o Of the mental illnesses major depression was only second to ischemic heart disease and ranked ahead of CV disease alcohol use and traffic accidents in disease and disability burden
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