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Kinesiology 2276F/G
J.Paige Gregson

September 12, 2012 Chapter 2- Physical Activity and Epidemiology Definitions Epidemic: Anything that affects a large number of people; study of patterns of disease, risk factors and causes Epidemiology: Study of epidemics; dealing with the incidence, distribution and control fo a disease in a population Epidemiology of Physical (In)Activity: 5 W’s! WHO WHERE WHEN WHY WHAT Epidemic of Physical Inactivity  Physical Inactivity and poor diet o Responsible for 16% of deaths each year, according to CDC  Industrial Revolution o Increased technology o Reduced occupational physical activity o Reduced active transportation o Increased stress Healthy People 2010  US Department of Health and Human Services task force  Builds upon Healthy People 2000  Created specific objectives for US physical activity by 2010  Goal: improve health, fitness, and quality of life of US population through daily PA Examples of Healthy People 2010 Physical Activity and Fitness Objectives  Reduce the proportion of adults who engage in no leisure-time physical activity  Increase the proportion of adolescents who engage in moderate physical activity for at least 30 minutes on five or more days per week  Increase the proportion of adolescents who engage in vigorous physical activity that promotes the development and maintenance of cardiorespiratory fitness three or more days per week for 20 or more minutes per occasion  Increase the proportion of adults who perform physical activities that enhance and maintain muscular strength and endurance  Increase the proportion of adults who perform physical activities that enhance and maintain flexibility  Increase the proportion of the nation`s public and private schools that require daily physical education for all students  Increase the proportion of adolescents who spend at least 50% of school physical education class time being physically active  Increase the proportion of worksites offering employer-sponsored physical activity and fitness programs  Increase the proportion of trips made by walki
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