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Lecture 3

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Kinesiology 2276F/G
J.Paige Gregson

September 14, 2012 Lecture 3- Physical Activity Epidemiology Part 2 Physical Activity Participation Around the World Countries studied: Australia, Canada, England, Scotland, United States Demographics studied: Age, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, education level Sedentary Lifestyles Across the Globe  In general, _______ of adults in countries studied ___________ meet recommendations  Percentage of sedentary adults in each country: Age and Physical Activity Sample Data:  In Australia, sedentary rates triple, from 6.3% for 18-29 year olds to 18% for 60-75 year olds  In Canada, children 1-4 spend approximately 28 hours per week being physically active, while teenagers 13-17 spend half that time Are childhood physical activity levels related to adult physical activity levels? Gender and Physical Activity  Men have historically been more physically active than women  Men: o Vigorous physical activity o Strength based o Endurance activities o Hours/week o Decline more with age Ethnicity and Physical Activity  Caucasians are _________ physically active than other ethnic groups  Caucasians engage in ________ vigorous physical activity than other groups  Caucasians reported __________ sedentary rates  Fewer Caucasian high school students (27%) watch TV for more than ______ hours compared to Hispanic (43%) and African American (63%) students  A greater proportion of Hispanic children (36%) participate in daily PE at school than other groups (29% Caucasians, 32% African Americans), but not sure why Socioeconomic Status and Physical Activity  The relationship between income level and physical activity participation is not consistent across countries Education Level and Physical Activity Proportion of US Teens Engaged in Various D
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