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Lecture 26

Kinesiology 3222A/B Lecture 26: lecture 26: vagina and mammary gland

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Kinesiology 3222A/B
Dan Belliveau

Vagina • Excretory duct for passage of menses • Receives penis and ejaculate (sperm) • Birth canal • Communicates superiorly w cervix External Genitalia- Vulva Mons Pubis • Adipose tissue • Covers symphysis • Cushioning during coitus Labia Majora • Longitudinal fold • Homologous w male scrotum • Have sweat glands Labia Minora • Longitudinal fold • Encloses vestibule • Prepuce covers clitoris • The meeting of minora Clitoris • Rounded projection • Erectile tissue • Homogolus to corpus cavernosa Vaginal Vestibule • Opening of vagina and urethra • Enclosed by Labia Minora Vestibular Glands Lubricates vaginal orifice • • Both glands on either side Clitoris Angle Body Glans Crus MAMMARY GLANDS Mammary Glands • Modified sweat glands • Surface location • Rib 2-6 • Overlie pectoralis major and serratus anterior • Axillary process Surface Anatomy Adipose Tissue Areola Nipple Functional Units • Secretory alveoli and ducts • Lobules • Mammary alveoli produce milk • 15-25 lobes • Separated by adipose tissue • Suspensory ligaments of Cooper that holds up boob Blood Supply Internal Thoracic Artery • Subclavian Lateral Thoracic Artery • Branch of axillary from subclavian Breast Cancer • 2nd leading cause of death from cancer • 1 in 8 women • Usually from epithelial cells of duct • Ductal carcinoma: >90% • Detection by • Breast self examination • Mammography o Tumour under cm • Ultrasound o Best for big tumour The Breast • 4 quadrants • For anatomical location and description of tumours Lymphatic Drainage • Axillary or parasternal nodes • Drain into: •
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