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Male Reproductive System Notes.docx

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Western University
Kinesiology 3222A/B
Dan Belliveau

1 Male Reproductive SystemReproductive Structures Primary Sex organsProduced gametes from Gonads TestesForm spermatozoa moving sperm cellSecrete sex hormones androgens Secondary Sex organsTransmission of sperm to vaginaDuctsAccessory glands prostate seminal vesicle bulbourethralCopulatory organ penis Secondary Sex CharacteristicsSexual attractantBody physical muscle massBody hairPitch of voice men have more prominent laryngeal prominenceFunctions of Male Reproductive SystemTestes produce sperm and testosteroneDucts transport store and assist in maturation of spermAccessory glands secrete most of the semen volume o Provide sugars buffers enzymes support semenPenis is the Copulatory organ contains the urethra passage for semen and urineExternal GenitaliaTests inside scrotum o Normally one lower than other from developmentRoot of penis o Attachment of penis to anterior body wallo Penis extra abdominal organSpermatic cord o Connects inside nerves vessels to outsideExternal Genitalia ScrotumFibromuscular sac can contractPigmented skin and superficial fasciaResponds to temperature change o Normal sperm requires temps 23 degrees below body tempo Cold testesscrotum pulled closer to body cremaster and dartos contract o Warm scrotal skin flaccid and loose away from bodyMusculature of the Scrotum Cremaster Muscle Skeletal muscles bands that extend from internal obliqueElevates testesInside scrotum skin contracts to pull closer to body middle layerDescends through spermatic cord to surround testis12 Dartos MuscleWrinkle the skin creates rougher surface reduces heat lossTraps warm air to keep testes comfortableSmooth muscleWithin superficial fasciaAnatomy of the ScrotumSeparated by middle septum o Extends from root of penis to exterior and inferior surface of scrotal sac o Separates into 2 sacs RL testicle inside stops inflammation from spreadingVentral surface o Scrotal rapheMedial ridge that separates lateral portions o Extends anteriorly as penile raphe on shaft o Extends posterioly as perineal raphe between anus and scrotumBlood Supply to Scrotum different from testes Internal Iliac Artery Femoral ArteryInternal Pudendal Artery External Pudendal Artery Posterior Scrotal Artery Anterior Scrotal Artery TestesApprox 4cm x 25cmWithin scrotumSurrounded by two tunic layersDevelop near kidneys intra abdomen descend towards scrotum through inguinal canals through and gets covered by perionteal wallTunica Vaginalis o Extension of peritoneum lining of abdominal cavity o Double layered Visceral and Peritoneal tunica vaginalisTunica Albuginea2
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