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Exercise Nutrition - Lecture 1

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Kinesiology 3339A/B
Peter Lemon

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KIN 3339AExercise Nutrition thLecture 1Friday September 9 2011 Exercise NutritionSlide 5Food is not the important thingThe nutrientsfood components are what we need to meet our dietary requirements o Macronutrients large need gramhundred of gram quantities of these per dayProtein fat carbs tho Micronutrients small need milogrammicrogram quantities of these per day1000 of a milogramVitamins mineralsTraining effect isnt felt unless you train 2 times a week o Training effect is directly related to the INTENSITY of the activityYou can enhance your performance by what you eat before and during activity even afterwardsCourse OutlineRequired ReadingsSlide 6 Electrolytes o Mineral particles that are within the body and also within waterSupplementsHow to change your body composition o Increase lean mass and decrease fat massHard to do at same timeBecause in order to build muscle you need to gain some fatIn order to build muscle you have to increase the number of calories you eat and then youll selectively lose the excess fat mass y When youre taking in more calories than youre expending you have the chance to build muscle however most people dont exercise and end up converting the unused energy to fat massRE MEMBER low calorie diets are the worst way to change your body compositionif you go on a low calorie diet without any exercise you will lose weighthowever at least half of the weight loss is coming from your muscle masspredisposing you to gaining fat back againso you will lose weight but you will end up gaining back that amount you lost and morethis begins the cycle of losing it all by starving themselves again which causes us to lose muscle mass predisposing the fat mass to pile back on even moreo Long term resultsgaining more weight that you originally had in the first placeTherefore you must combine a low calorie diet WITH EXERCISE especially strength exercise you will gain muscle mass weight may go up or stay the same but your fat mass will decrease o This is why weight isnt so important o Body composition IS
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