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Exercise Nutrition - Lecture 2

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Kinesiology 3339A/B
Peter Lemon

KIN 3339AExercise Nutrition thLecture 2Monday September 12 2011 Muscle Size Slide 10In this study subjects took a placebo supplement 8 of them and 5 individuals took creatine over a period of 3 days o 10 to 15 times the creatine you could normally eat with just meat and fishOver a few days there was no change in muscle volumeIn the placebo group there was 100 percent muscle volume baselinenormal prestudy measure o Any variation from this would indicate either a decrease in muscle volume or an increase in muscle volumeThe placebo group sustained no change in their muscle volume expectedThe experimental group sustained a drastic statistically significant increase in muscle volume following the creatine consumption o Due to the retention of water o Chronicregular ingestion of creatine and trainingGenerally enhances performanceDevelop more muscle protein because the water retention triggering protein synthesismaking bigger muscles over 68 weeks of chronic use muscles get stronger and you can train harder becausesupertraining effectof that and then you get even more strong etc cyclic effect y Creatine has this anabolic muscle building effectErgogenic Effects of Selected Substances ContinuedSlide 11 RQrespiratory quotient o The ratio of the amount of carbon dioxide you produce divided by the amount of oxygen you consume o This ratio will be altered depending on what the source of your energy isMost of our energy comes from carbsSome from fatAnd the least from proteinIf youre getting most of the energy from fat the ratio decreases 07100 using fatIf youre getting most of the energy from carbs the ratio increases 10100 using carbsIn the high carb diet there is a lot of change from high to loweventually the carbohydrate supply runs out and they have to use fats but they could exercise for longerIn the normal and mainly fatty diets there isnt as much change in the RQ but they cannot continue activity for as longthere is no other source from which to derive energyCHO and PerformanceSlide 12
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