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Exercise Nutrition - Lecture 3

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Kinesiology 3339A/B
Peter Lemon

KIN 3339AExercise Nutrition thLecture 3Wednesday September 14 2011 DefinitionsSlide 16Nutrientthat you need to avoid deficiencies inotherwise youll develop symptoms of diseaseYou need more carbohydrates during training than on the actual competition dayMacro and Micro Nutrientso MacroRequired in higher quantitiesGramshundreds of grams y Especially if youre physically active because this is when we use this fuelIssue people who ARENT active dont need CHOs in these amounts y Our bodies are very efficient in converting the CHOs to fat if we dont use it or need it o Micro Needed in small amountsBut essential to maintaining healthRoles of NutrientsSlide 17 1 Nutrients provide the body with energy CHO and fat provides energy for both resting and exercising metabolism o Our exercising metabolism rate is very high o Which is why we need to ingest adequate nutrients in order to prevent losing body energy stores o Its possible despite a large store of energy as fat in the bodyto run completely out of CHO fuel in 1 bout of exercising this would be bad for an athletic eventnot necessarily forlosing weightbecause in that case once you lost all CHO you would start to use fat stores and just be exercising at a lower intensity2 Promoting growth and development is possible with nutrients o Not just physical but neurological development can be impeded by nutrient deficiencies o Adults turn over tissues replace tissues they haveNeed nutrients to do so3 Metabolismrate at which we use our body stores to function heart to beatneeds energy o Rate of metabolism goes up 1020x when we exercise o This means we need 1020x more foodnutrients o Micronutrients allow us to use macronutrients effectively for energyWe may have enough fuel on board but not the tools to use itOsteoporosis o Loss of bone and minerals
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