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Exercise Nutrition - Lecture 5

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Kinesiology 3339A/B
Peter Lemon

KIN 3339AExercise Nutrition thLecture 5Monday September 19 2011 Nutrition InformationSlide 26Underlying rationale o Does it increase your muscle mass o Does it increase your fast twitch fibresIf there is an underlying rationale is there any good experimental results that support the idea that it does work via this mechanism o If there isnt any data doesnt mean it doesnt workjust means we arent sureIf the guy who is telling you about a product is selling it be cautious o People who are in sport are very gullible o If someone who is big and strong says that it will work most people will take their word for itJust ingesting something wont do more than a few percent improvement and thats when youre training maximally alreadyTypes of ResearchSlide 27 If theres a product out there with no information about it we can do research and create studies about itEpidemiological Research step 1 o Establishes whether there is a relationship between a couple of thingsEx if you change your diet will it increasedecrease your chances of getting cancer y If there IS a relationship it doesnt mean it is cause and effect o Because there are other factors that need to be controlled for in order to establish a cause o Large sample sizesUsually involves filling out a questionnaire o RetrospectivelyAsk people what they did in the past and see if that predicts a current characteristic that you have y Ex group of individuals in their 70s and 80s some people have heart disease and some dont we would go back and see if they were physically active in their past yearsthere might be a relationship theremaaaybe the more exercise they engaged in the less heart disease issues they have o ProspectivelyOppositeTypes of Research ContinuedSlide 28
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