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Exercise Nutrition - Lecture 5

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Western University
Kinesiology 3339A/B
Peter Lemon

KIN 3339AExercise Nutrition thLecture 5Monday September 19 2011 Guidance on the Quantity of FoodSlide 5Dont have to memorize the numbersCan be used as a tool when counselling peopleMost developed countries have something like Canadas Food Guide o Gives some recommendations about the quantity and types of foods you should consume in order to avoid a deficiency in certain nutrientsSome variability to account forwhen you have different activity levels o Some athletes on campus who cant eat enough food to get enough energyEven though they are eating as much as they canThey are still losing mass o Must give them a calorie supplement o These are HIGHLY trained athletesEnergy expenditures are hugeTraining 2 times a day 6 days a weekWhat is one Food Guide servingSlide 6 Sometimes a serving is represented very differently o Sometimes represented asa bag or per 10 chipsA serving isnt necessarily what you should eat in 1 sittingThe Food Guide is made for elementaryschooled children o This accounts for the reasons why there are illustrations etc to help demonstrate what a serving is o No sophisticated languageCounting Food Guide ServingsSlide 7 How to estimate the number of servings and which food groups you are getting when you make up some recipe o Must break down the componentsThe amount of broccoli you eat will determine how many vegetable servings you have Guidance on the Quality of Food ChoicesSlide 8Some foods are of higher quality than other foods o This is where people get the idea of good foods and bad foods which doesnt really existOils and fats are examples of this o There are good fats and oils
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