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Lecture 7

Exercise Nutrition - Lecture 7

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Kinesiology 3339A/B
Peter Lemon

KIN 3339AExercise Nutrition rdLecture 7Friday September 23 2011 Dietary AnalysisRecord everything that you eat over 3 days o 1 weekend day 2 week days o To find out whether your diet is good or bad o To find out whether youre consuming enough nutrients based on your activity levelHand in question pageHand in bar graph data pageHand in your rough notes of what you ate each dayTYPE YOUR ASSIGNMENTMAKE SURE IT IS STAPLEDDont include vitamin supplementsRecord the time that you consume each foodMake sure you get the units correct o Maybe stick to the metric systemDaily caloric intakeo In terms of kcalkJ1 kJ of a kcal y Kcal will be 4 times that of kJKcal calories y K1000 y CalJreally small units o Express them in relation to your body mass ImportantBecause a 2000 calorie diet might be appropriateinappropriate depending on your sizeIn the computer analysisyou will getbar graphDRIs o And the extent of those DRIs that you consume o You must decide whether youre getting the proper amount or notWhether youre meeting the DRI or notVegetarianism TypesSlide 18Nutrient Density VegetarianismSlide 19 A vegetarian diet can be very good There are some concernsbut if youre informed there should be no problemdeficiencies o Vit B 12 Deficiencies Only found in animal productsSo if youre not accommodating for this and youre a vegetarian you may need to get injections
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