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Lecture 9

Exercise Nutrition - Lecture 9

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Western University
Kinesiology 3339A/B
Peter Lemon

KIN 3339AExercise Nutrition thLecture 9Wednesday September 28 2011 Fuels Available to MuscleSlide 30ATP is the fuel to help muscles contractMuscles use up ATP very quickly when we exercise and our muscles are contracting a lot o 1 way to regenerate itGlycolysis y Take glucose coming from stored CHO y First of all take glycogen storage of glucose in muscle and liver o Break it down to glucose via glycogenolysisCan be broken down to form ATPBut also produces lactic acidy 6 carbon glucose goes through a series of steps which initially requires 2 ATP to do o But you end up producing more in the end than youre utilizing so its okaythere is a net gain in ATP y Then you get down to 2 3 carbon compounds which go through a series of reactionsproducing 2 ATP per 3 carbon compound o You end up with 4 ATP o Minus the 2 that you used originally o You end up with 2 more ATP than you originally started with Can be used for muscle contraction y When this whole process gets going very quickly pyruvic acid o In order to prevent that from stopping the process you rapidly convert it into lactic acidWhich enables you to go a bit longer o If you werent able to produce lactic acid from pyruvic acid you would not be able to go for as longy NADH o End product of glycolysis that can be shuttled to the mitochondria and can be used to produce even more ATP but it requires oxygen oxidative phosphorylation o NADH is a form of the B vitamin niacinOne of the reasons that you need niacin in your diet is because its involved with glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation o The process of making NADHa coupled reaction
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