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Lecture 10

Exercise Nutrition - Lecture 10

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Kinesiology 3339A/B
Peter Lemon

KIN 3339AExercise Nutrition thLecture 10Friday September 30 2011 Catabolic ProcessesSlide 34What determines how much fat you use when you exercise concept will be tested on the midterm o With most types of exercise theres a combo of CHO and fat used o As the intensity increases the proportion of energy coming from fat decreases for CHOit increasesWhen sprinting CHOprimary source of energy y Ex Burn 500 kcals to sprinting the vast majority of that will come from CHOWhen walking can provide oxygen to get your energy from fat y Exo Percent of fuel use depends on intensityIts not the percent of fatCHO thats important its how many calories are coming from CHOfat if youre talking about fat loss y Ex Exercise at a high intensity forhouro Burn 500 kcals comes from fat 250 kcals y Ex Exercise at a low intensity forhour o Burn 200 kcalsMost from fat but some from CHO y Even if you were getting all your energy from fat at this intensity you would not burn more than 200 kcals therefore you burn more fat 250 kcals at higher intensitieso Doing the intense exercise you burn more total calories from fat than if you exercise at a lower intensity o If you exercise hard you burn a lot more calories per minuteRun for 1 hr VsWalking for 1 hr y Burn more total energy running than walking y In terms of body fat loss the most important thing is how many total calories you burn of fat o Each gram of fat that you burn9 kcalsCreeping obesity between 20 and 40 yearsdue to less activity not increasing consumption of foodThe higher your max Vo2 the longer you can exercise at a higher percentage of your max
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