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Lecture 13

Exercise Nutrition - Lecture 13

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Kinesiology 3339A/B
Peter Lemon

KIN 3339AExercise Nutrition thLecture 13Friday October 7 2011 Body CHO StoresSlide 92 types of exercise o Moderately intense and prolonged 30 mins to an hour o Extremely intense and intermittent Will produce depletion Dont have to completely run out to decrease your performance What you do before the training session or competition o You should increase your stores in these situationso You can approximately double your storesDoesnt allow you to go harder for twice the length of time o When you eat a lot of CHO you preferentially use more CHO during the exerciseYou cant go twice as long but you can go longerHigh CHO intake will increase glycogen stores in both muscle and liverenhanced performanceGluconeogenesis o The formation of new glucose o Body can make glucose from nonCHO precursorsFrom carbon chains of lactic and amino acids o If a lot of lactic acid is produced and glycogen stores are depletedCan produce glucose from lactic acid or amino acidsTo produce more energy o Occurs primarily in the liverWhen producing a lot of lactic acid some is put in blood and taken to the liver to produce glucose taken back to muscle and used againOne of the ways a marathon runner can continue after it looked like they were finished y When you sit down youre able to produce glucose from the liver and put it in the blood y But when you get up and start running again muscle takes glucose out of the blood really fast y Must stop or slow down again y Can have brain damage if you run out of CHO too much o Formation of new glucose from nonglucose compoundsDont have to consume sports drinks to do thisBesides fuel we need CHO becauseo Major energy source for brain and CNS o Important in exercises at 2 different intensities o Important in building cell membranes
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