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Lecture 14

Exercise Nutrition - Lecture 14

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Kinesiology 3339A/B
Peter Lemon

KIN 3339AExercise Nutrition thLecture 14Wednesday October 12 2011 Increasing Exercise Intensity Increases Rate of Muscle Glucose UseSlide 20Graph summarizes CHO usage o Vertical axisMuscle glycogen concentration y The higher it is the more you have and vice versa o Horizontal axisExercise time in minutes y Percent of v02 max that they were exercising at o 150V02 maxaerobic maximum y Rate at which you can provide ATP aerobically50 higher than v02 max y For a short period of timeCan exercise at 200 of max v02 y For a short period of time o Linesseries of intermittent exercise boutsCompare steepness of lines y At differentof v02 max o At 3 hours of walking you still have a lot of muscle glycogen leftBecause you would burn a higher percentage of the calories in fatTheres always a mixture of CHO and fat being burned o Intensity determines how much glycogen you useCombined with duration moderate intensity and prolonged exercise can deplete muscle glycogen o 6070 of maxjoggingIf you follow the 64 lineusing more CHO that when youre walking but still using a lot of fatTakes a long time to deplete muscle glycogen 2 hoursDont have to get to 0 to get exhausted all lines end in the same general area y If you walk you can go for more than 3 hours assuming you have sufficient glycogen at the start y If you jog you can go for 2 hoursy If you dont start with enough glycogen you will tire out quickerEXAM WILL HAVE QUESTIONS ON THIS SLIDE o 8095 of maxGetting low after an hour of continuous exercise o 120150 of max
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