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Lecture 15

Exercise Nutrition - Lecture 15

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Western University
Kinesiology 3339A/B
Peter Lemon

KIN 3339AExercise Nutrition thLecture 15 Friday October 14 2011 CHO Types SummarySlide 32Polymersmaltodextrix MDmanmade short chain CHOs o No osmotic problems o Consume more glucoseNormally when you consume a highly concentrated sugar solution it draws water out of your blood into the small intestine o But polymers avoid this effect and yet they are fairly concentratedSimplecomplex o Not a good way to talk about CHOs o Because some complex CHOs are handled in the body like simple ones o Even though they are different in structureSo we talk about GIGL instead load is most important o If youre trying to lose body fatEat low GIGL CHOs o If youre regularly physically active you need Eat HL GIGLNeed to store more for exerciseHigh index o Digested and absorbed quickly o Once you swallow them they rapidly appear in blood o Stimulate insulin release to take sugars up in bloodGood if an athleteBad if a nonathleteShould have a diet that is food based not supplement based o But for athletes who cant eat enough calories to support what they are expendingMay need supplements after exercise when youre not hungrybut you need to replenish y CHO and protein drinkCombining some CHOs glucose and fructose o Different transportersAllow more CHO into the muscleBut cant handle high concentrations of fructose y So just need a bit of thisPolymers reduce osmotic effects o Movement of water backwardsMight get a 50 glucose polymer solutiono No problems50 simple sugar solution
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