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Lecture 16

Exercise Nutrition - Lecture 16

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Kinesiology 3339A/B
Peter Lemon

KIN 3339AExercise Nutrition thLecture 16Monday October 17 2011 Check WebCT for exam rooms The obvious answerthe right answer Some of the questions will be application Final exam is cumulativeMore application than MidT Bring a calculator adding subtracting multiplying 25 Questions multiple multiple plus a bonus question 55 minutesNOT ON MIDTERM Fats LipidsSlide 1Fat o Organic substancesHave carbon o Have hydrogen and oxygenBut many more carbon and hydrogen than in CHOs main difference y Most1222 carbons in fatty acids even more hydrogens y Glucose only has 6 carbons o Soluble in some solvents alcohol or ether but not in waterFat sits on top of water cannot mix y Ex bacon grease and watero Fats need more oxygen than CHO to be metabolized aerobicallyCant use fats anaerobically higher intensities y Whole process of glycolysis cant use fat as a fuel o Only uses glucose we rely more and more on this as we exercise harder and harder o Found in all cell membranes of the bodySome is cholesterol some is phospholipids y Dietary cholesterol doesnt have an effect on blood cholesterol o Except in a very small percentage of the population y Phospholipids o Phosphates combined with lipids y If you dont get enough dietary cholesterol or you dont make enough in your bodyyou will have issues with cell function o Insulation comes from fatLifeprotecting in situations where youre in a cold environment y Factors into temperature regulation o Some protection from the fatty layer under the surface of the skin subcutaneous fat
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