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Lecture 17

Exercise Nutrition - Lecture 17

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Kinesiology 3339A/B
Peter Lemon

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KIN 3339AExercise Nutrition stLecture 17Friday October 21 2011Free Fatty AcidsUse as an exercise fuelSaturated and unsaturated fats o Saturated fats are bad mostly o Some unsaturated fats are bad too though o Some fats are indispensibleEssential nutrientsNeed to be in diet o If the ratio of good and bad fats gets out of whackChronic diseases ensue y In adults and childrenSummarization of last day o Any time theres a double bond between the 2 carbons that makes it an unsaturated fat o If the hydrogens associated with that double bond are on different sidesTransfat y Want to eliminate foods with lots of transfat y What can happen in processing of this food o Can cause a CIS unsaturated fat to become a transunsaturated fat o Before this was discovered it was in a lot of snack foodsy CIS fat is fine GlycerolFats are made up of a glycerol backbone and 3 fatty acidsGlycerol o Used as a food supplement to enhance performance o Attainedmade inthe diet o Also made in body when you eat other thingsEx CHOone of the intermediates can be turned into glycerol o You can form glucose from glycerol1 way to enhance performanceIf you are to supplement with glycerol you can convert this to glucose if CHO is limiting to your performance o When you consume a large amount of water with glycerolHas been shown to enhance performanceProblems though y Increases water content of brain
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