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Lecture 20

Exercise Nutrition - Lecture 20

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Kinesiology 3339A/B
Peter Lemon

KIN 3339AExercise Nutrition thLecture 20Friday October 28 2011 Technical Difficulties Unsure which information fits under which slides Dietary Fats SchematicSlide 44How fats are absorbed o Extra step relative to how CHOs are absorbedOne of the reasons why you dont want a lot of fat in the diet immediately before you exercise o Is because the absorption into the bloodstream is slowFood outside body and not inside body where it can be usedPeople who are apprehensive before they exercise will slow digestion o May need to eat up to 4 hours before they playChlylomicrons protein on outside that hold fat on insidetransport fat in blood o First one to appear o Appear after you consume a meal that contains fat o If they show up in the blood after 68 hours of not eating then you have a problem with how you handle blood fatsShould be cleared from the bloodTaken up by the cells doesnt happenBlood carries chylomicrons to all cells o Cells have enzymes that cause chylomicrons to break apart to release the fatFatty acids will enter the muscleadipose cell y Stored combined with triacylglycerol or glycerol or used oxidized o Depending on situationChylomicron that has lots fatty acidso Also loses some other contents from the enzyme activity o Then repackaged into other lipoprotein complexes o Difference between chylomicron and these other complexessize of lipoproteins LDL y Low density lipoprotein o Low density because it has a lot of fat in itHDL y High density lipoprotein o Has less fathigh densityWhen a chylomicron gives up some of its contents to cells in the body o It becomes one of these other lipoproteins o LDLHDLIf you have a lot of LDL circulating hours after eating o Means youre unable to get substrate fat from protein into cells o Just circulating in blood
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