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Exercise Nutrition - Lecture 24

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Western University
Kinesiology 3339A/B
Peter Lemon

KIN 3339AExercise Nutrition thLecture 24Monday November 7 2011 Continuation of Fat UnitCovers some aspects of fat that may lead to exercise performanceWheatgerm oil o Often suggested to enhance exercise performance but there really isnt any convincing evidence of thato Contains some essential nutrientsthat if you were deficient in and you supplemented with itit would increase your performanceLecithun o Associated with formation of acetylcholineOne of the neurotransmitters o LecithunWill increase the amount of acetylecholine and reduce fatigueHowever unsure of whether it has any valueOmega3s o Potential for health and potential to effect performanceIncrease blood flow and oxygen delivery to muscle o Unsure whether it will enhance performanceCarnitine o Increasing carnitine may facilitate fat uptake into mitochondria o Lots of carnitine in dietno increase in fat uptake or utilizationBecause it increases just blood carnitine not amount in mitochondria y Therefore it doesnt help with exercise performanceCaffeine supplementation o Does enhance several types of performance o At one time it was banned by IOC as a doping agentPeople were disqualified if they were caught with metabolites of caffeine in urine o Still banned in some other corporations o No longer banned with IOC because its found in a lot of food products that people consumeCoffee chocolatey When people dont attempt to dope they might be seen as a cheater when they consume these kinds of products o Would need 46 cups of coffee to be considered doping o 85 of V02Athletes compete this high in intensity during competitionTime to exhaustion49 minutes without caffeine supplementation and 71 minutes with caffeine supplementation
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