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Exercise Nutrition - Lecture 25

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Kinesiology 3339A/B
Peter Lemon

KIN 3339AExercise Nutrition thLecture 25Wednesday November 9 2011 Protein Quality MethodsSlide 16Biological value o How good a dietary protein is o Percentage calculated by the ratio of absorbed nitrogen metabolized right awayor used to make muscle proteinwill show up in urine and carbon will show up in carbon monoxide and retained nitrogen stored times one hundred o What part of what you actually absorb actually gets made into body proteinThe higher the number the betterBiological Value ContinuedSlide 17 Complete protein o All AAs in protein go into free poolthere is avid quantities to make body proteinNo nitrogen excretionRetained nitrogen is equal to absorbed nitrogen y Biological value100 o Ideal situation o Anything less than that means that some of the AAs that you absorb arent being retainedThe lower the percentage the worst the protein source isIncomplete protein o If synthesis is impairedNitrogen excretion is increased y Retained nitrogen is less than absorbed o Biological value is lower than 100 o Worse quality of proteinIf biological value 50 o 50 of what you absorb from protein you eatretained oThe other half is metabolized and excreted from bodyLow quality proteinMilkhigh quality protein o 95Corno 65 Deficient in one of the essential AAs o You retain less of what you absorb o Why its important to combine veggies to get complete proteinsSome of these are tested just on animals
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