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Exercise Nutrition - Lecture 26

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Western University
Kinesiology 3339A/B
Peter Lemon

KIN 3339AExercise Nutrition thLecture 26Friday November 11 2011 Ergogenic Effects of ProteinAmino AcidsSlide 26 27Free Form AAs o Individual AAs as opposed to part of protein because protein is made up of amino acidsWe ingest protein and break it down to amino acids to digest itWe can synthesize individual AAsSome are said to be beneficial but its really just marketing hype o Some exceptions but not reallyProblem Can create deficiencies in other amino acids if youre only taking these synthesized individual AAs o These AAs are entering bloodstream via particular transporters o Some of the AAs share the same transporter o If you take a whole lot of an individual AAsNot possible through consuming foodbut through loading up on synthesized AAs o By competitive inhibition other AAs that normally would be transported cant compete with all single AAs that is in bloodTakes up all transportersBecome deficient in AAs other than the one youre taking y They cant get in and get utilized o You can take a months worth in minutes whole bottleCant do with foodThis is a toxic amountOther AAs as well A L O o Have been studied a bit o Suggested to increase release of growth hormonePowerful anabolic hormone like insulinDecreases with age after 30low concentrationsIf you inject these AAs o Massive release of growth hormone in blood streamGiven to children who arent growing normally y Argenine And will increase their growth substantiallyif give to a kid whos growing normallywill do nothingBut they can also be ingested ate through pill form o Marketing schemePill form of these AAs Companies saytake these pills they will increase the amount of growth hormone in your body and you will get bigger and more muscular
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