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Exercise Nutrition - Lecture 27

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Kinesiology 3339A/B
Peter Lemon

KIN 3339AExercise Nutrition thLecture 27Monday November 14 2011 Project QuizElborn College o 2168 AB o 2155Check WebCTassignment based on last nameMultiple multipleBring notes papersQuestions will come from papersMake a summary sheet15 question1 bonus question Effects on Intense Repeated PerformanceSlide 34Similar work on rower or treadmillthis study was on a bikeOver repeatmaximal efforts with 1 minute of recovery similar to sporting events o Your ability to generate peak power drops off the same way that the total power drops off over the course of the 10 seconds o Means cant recover fully in 1 min when youre giving maximum effort of this kind sprintWhether it be peak or average o Creatine subjects go harder and can average a higher power output for whatever 10 second power output youre looking atCan be shown in trained and untrained peopleCreatine has a significant effect on power o Creatine allows you to recover quicker between repeated intervals Ingestion of Caffeine does NOT interfere with CR effectsSlide 35 Study 19967 Does the combo of caffeine and creatine do better than either one individually o Both have been known to produce ergogenic effectsCaffeinehas effects on CNS o Showed combined group did worse than individual groups Suggesting interference between caffeine and creatine o For a few years people said shouldnt be drinking coffee when youre taking creatine because they interfereLemon was sceptical of this findingo When he started doing creatine studieshe used coffee as a vehicle to supplement creatine
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