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Exercise Nutrition - Lecture 28

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Kinesiology 3339A/B
Peter Lemon

KIN 3339AExercise Nutrition thLecture 28Friday November 18 2011 Functions of VitaminsDont provide energy directlyEnergy comes from CHO fat and protein o But vitamins function as coenzymesNAD NADH FADall forms of vitaminsVIDEO o Shows where the vitamins factor inVitamins function in controlling or influencing your metabolism o Dont provide energy but help you use it o If you cant form healthy red blood cells then you are in troublePerformance health standpointsyoure not in a good standingAntioxidants o When you metabolize oxygenForm compounds called free radicals y These by themselves are damagingo Play a role in diseases cancer y We have defence mechanisms to protect us from them y Mechanisms are upregulated when you train o Good thing Because when you train you metabolize more oxygen o Antioxidants are part of the defence of free radicalVit C Vit EProtect cells from damaging free radicalAlso function as hormoneso Influence all functions of life SchematicMitochondria o Things that are produced during oxidative metabolism are brought to the mitochondriaAt several steps vitamins and minerals are involved VIDEOProvided the link review before examSeveral steps where niacin and riboflavin both B vitamins interact with NAD and FAD at complex 1 and 2 o Process ultimately forms ATPFolic acid related to vitamin B
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