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Exercise Nutrition - Lecture 30

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Kinesiology 3339A/B
Peter Lemon

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KIN 3339AExercise Nutrition rdLecture 30Wednesday November 23 2011 FINAL EXAMOnly from 24 2 hours50 questions15 MC 35 multiplemultiples o Calculations includedKinds that were done on dietary analysis etc bonusComprehensive cumulative o Each week of class will be of equal importance on the final50 of course grade CalciumMuch higher number of female individuals that hover around or below the recommended intake in comparison to men o Because men eat moremore likely to get enough calcium and other vitamins and minerals PhosphorusSlide 41Closely related to calcium o If you have a problem with one you probably have a problem with the otherSoft drinks are high in phosphorus o One small advantage of phosphorusBesides whats in the bonesodium phosphate plays a role in acidbase balance of the bodyphospholipids in cell membranesATP and phosphocreatinephosphate there comes from phosphorusinvolved in many B vitamins Because of its role in ATP productionhave tried to supplement with phosphorus in order to enhance storesbut hasnt shown any effect on performancebut creatine supplementation is exercise enhancingmeans that you have lots of phosphorus availablebut when you add creatineyou can phosphorylate it into phosphocreatinecan extend the time that you can exercise hard by a few seconds makes a difference in elite competitionMagnesiumSlide 42 Mainly in skeleton 5060The rest is involved in muscle function o A lot of enzymes in body involve magnesium o Necessary for muscle contractiono Hormones
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