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Exercise Nutrition - Lecture 32

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Western University
Kinesiology 3339A/B
Peter Lemon

KIN 3339AExercise Nutrition thLecture 32Monday November 28 2011 We made an assumption that you were exercising at 3L a min intensity to convert from L of oxygen to caloriesmultiply each L by 5 1 L5 caloriesWe used an intensity of 15 kcals per min Only 2025 of energy used goes to mechanical workThe rest of the heat elevates body temperaturewhy we sweat Humidityair is saturated with water vapour when this happens you cant convert a liquid to a gas cant dissipate heat through sweatingIf you were able to dissipate a L of sweat youll be able to get rid of 600 of those 675 kcals o If you couldnt sweat or control heatbody temperature goes up by 12 degrees in some cases with increases of 4 degreesdenaturing of proteinsDifferent water compartments o Water moves from one to anotherAs it does the cells become dehydratedEffects of alcohol intake on the release of a hormones that doesnt hold onto water at level of kidney o Serious dehydration problemsCould be lifethreatening ElectrolytesSlide 10 11Nothing more than charged particles that appear in fluids o Sodium really important o Because these are actually charged plus or minus they can affect membrane polarity o If you were to take a measuring electrode and stick it in a muscle cells the charge is negativeIn order for an impulse to be generated you need to change it from a negative to a positive y Through the influx of sodium into the cell positive chargedcauses an action potential that goes through the cellactiveCharged particles o Involved in nerve impulses o Some enzymatic reactionsCalcium and magnesium stimulate metabolismSodium o Located in extracellular fluid until an impulse comes along and then it pours in through membrane of cell intracellular now o Associated with water and blood pressure control
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